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Based on the Distributed Systems Architecture to deliver a Distributed Cloud based services
Distributed Cloud where every connected device is an active cloud member that lead a much cheaper service running cost 
Content and Services Provides can distribute and sell thier members' content and services to their clients and both service providers and thier members share revenue.
All platform users (Service providers, their members and clients) each gets a digital (crypto) currency account (e-wallet) to track his revenues and spendings, with real time micro-payment billing, accounting and payment system 

YouSAB Ltd. was founded by Hany Eskander and Patrick Holm, Directors of YouSAB Ltd, based in Cumbria. England.
YouSAB Information Systems, was founded by Hany Eskander, based in Cairo, Egypt
YouSAB  is an R&D (Research & Development) company working in technology field to develop Both new Hardware & Software products and services


YouSAB Information Systems
27 Yahia Ibrahim St.
Zamalek, Cairo


Egypt Phone: +20 101 507 7876